South Dakota, fuck off!

SOUTH DAKOTA.. Flattest place on earth. Yes Donovan Sharp and Kid Kaleidoscope are on Epic. We have been traveling since the 5th and currently cleaning up after hard night in the Badlands. And boy, did the Badlands live up to their name. Try steady 40 MPH winds with gusts strong enough to capsize our tent. When that happens, and mud is covering every inch of ones body...its time to get the fuck out. To top it all off throw in wild bison, rattlesnakes, some hail, snow and 20 degree bitter cold...and that wind, it's painful, relentless. Although I must admit that the Badlands were absolutely one of the most otherworldly places I've ever been. Yes blizzard like conditions in May is wholly alien to my New England ideal of popping tree buds and sticky air, temperatures pushing 80. All I can say is that, the Pacific sunshine cannot come fast enough.

Now on to music, so I found this song off www.missingtoof.com The song is by a 2 Unlimted and called
Jump for Joy. If this doesn't get you off your feet and jumping around like a giddy school kid in a roller rink in 94, then your fucked.

If any of you cats live in Washington, Oregon, Cali, or Denver, please email me at asbuiltmrod@gmail.com and tell me whats up, where to go, where the parties at. HOLLA.

Badlands photo update tomorrow.