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Heavy as an Elephant.

Mark Prichard's massive "Elephant Dub" just dropped on Deep Medi and it's a proper atom bomb of bassweight. The B-side 'Heavy as Stone' turns things more soulful and rolling turning in one of the grooviest tracks I've heard in a minute.



Local Love: Tues 2.16. On A Friday Presents: The Grooms (NYC), Young Adults, Earthquake Party

Last minute shout for a very well rounded show tomorrow night at Great Scott. For those of you not exhausted from TGTHR, On a Friday are bringing in NYC noise pop buzz band The Grooms with Boston up and comers Young Adults and Earthquake Party!

If you find yourself looking for something to do tomorrow, hit this up it.


Biggest of ups to Mistaker, David Day, C Dubs, and everyone that made TOGETHER happen. In my opinion, the entire week was a resounding success and we really got to see what this city is capable of. With the first one down and an additional year of planning, TOGETHER 2011 will surely be even bigger and more blown out. It's not too early to get excited right?


Local Love: WED 2.10 TGTHR Presents, UNTOLD @ Goodlife

If there is one TOGETHER event not to miss this week, this is it. Hands down. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of other solid producers and DJs playing Boston in the coming days; there just isn't anyone else currently hitting their creative stride while redefining sub sections of electronic genres quite like Untold is.

He is one of only a handful of producers that really doesn't put out any filler or half arsed tunes and with his recently released double pack on his own Hemlock label, (which was easily our 2009 release of the year) is in the midst of an unprecedented two year streak of high quality releases dating back to the 2008 Kingdom/Purify/Test Signal 12" on Hessle Audio. With an upper level remix of Islands by the XX and a joint release with LV on Hemlock in the near future, it doesn't look like he's slowing down either. Now we just have to wait to hear the direction he will bring bass in next.

As if you needed any more reason to hit up the Goodlife tonight. In the recently renovated upstairs, DJ's Kon, 7L & Nomadik will be holding it down all night with a motha f'en J Dilla tribute. Doesn't get to much better than that folks.

Get there early for Houston's DJ Wheezie opening downstairs, followed by our good mate and BASSIC resident C Dubs, who will surely be playing some heat to get the groove in motion for Untold. I don't think I've anticipated a show this much since Kode 9 last spring.

Fuck the snow, just make it out. You will regret not going to this.


edit. Search the blog for Untold to listen to previous tunes we've put up.


On Repeat: Starkey - Rain City

What gives? Where's that incredible Tropical Life mix you promised a post down.

Well... 1) my fucking awesome cat Pipa passed away.... while not always the smartest or healthiest of cats due to a plethora of problems (scared lungs caused by the people that smoked in the house she was born in and she is a white siamese cat and most likely a product of inbreeding ha) she lived a hearty 12 year life and was always there for me when I went back to the parents house.

2) I'm flying to DC to pick up a car on Friday and won't have time to post this tomorrow.

3) This is actually the 99th real post, just noticed a draft of a post on Edan's incredible Echo Party that was never published. (but will be very soon!)

In the interim, listen to this new and incredibly sick Starkey track that I've had in my head since Camp Bisco mid July of last year. Glad it finally got a release. Buy the 12", both songs are dooooppppeee.

Mix will be up Monday.