What I have been listening to lately and what you should be as well.

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (Warp)(2008)
No explanation needed of how awesome this entire album is.

Gaslamp Killer - Shit on Your Grave" (Obey) (2008)
This cat plays the drums heard of this recording. This is taking what Dilla did and Madlib still does to another plane

Sarlota Zalatany - "ST" (1973)
heavy as brick female fronted turkish psych.

Zomby - "Strange Fruit/ Liquid Dancehall" (2008)
Solid solid tracks from one of the more unique dubsteppers.

Colosseum - "Daughter of Time" (1970)
Captivating, heavy prog rock with a strong influence in jazz. The gutsy,rough and bluesy only add to this mammoth album. Serious rotation here.