Do not miss this. If you consider yourself the slightest dubstep fan you will make this a priority on your saturday night. I know we will be there and Mr Nice is sure to throw down heavy in our exposed brick bass haven.

(from the bassic crew)

BASSIC w/ Joe Nice Goodlife Bar 28 Kingston st Boston, MA 21+

Halloween Night BASSIC brings you the return of the one and only Joe Nice, dubstep Champion, musicologist, and connoisseur of cool. Its been far too long since our good friend from B foundation altimore paid us a visit so you can expect he's going to have some serious goodies in the bag, and few extra prime dubs cut for our celebration on this spooky eve. Joe has been a block in spreading the sounds of Dupstep not only stateside, but worldwide. We gladly welcome him back to Boston and so should you. If you have not made the epic hike to experience Dubwar in NYC or you missed him the last time now is your chance. The energy and aura he radiates on and off the decks is truly something one must experience to understand what he's all about.

Joe Nice (DubWar, NYC)
Prodigal Son (Foul Play, Boston)
Scotch 1 (Bassic, N2O, Boston)

LD - King of Kong

OOOOOOhh! ROOOOOAR. LD takes a similar sound palate to the one he used on his "Summertime Clothes" Animal Collective remix and gets some legit safari step right here. I know I'll be blasting this when I go to Costa Rica later this year. This is the B side of the recently released "International Roots" 12" on Dub Police. Purchase here.


Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie EP

Floating Points has had an amazing breakout year with releases on R2, Planet Mu and this, the Vacuum EP on his own Eglo imprint. This is easily his best and most cohesive releases of the year and not much can come close to eclipsing the combination of woozy 4x4 house mixed with equal parts sunshine disco and LA boogie-funk. His bass lines really shine on these 3 tracks and Vacuum Boogie is pure space disco butter. Light up a L and lay back. MUST HAVE.


Local Showcase: Young Artists At War

Hey everybody we got a huge event going down tomorrow at the Art Insitute of Boston . I have some art in the show plus I'm spinning !!! We went big on these walls . COME THRU!!!!

Neil Landstrumm -Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast (Planet Mu)

This entire album seems to have been overlooked. Well, its quite a killer, this track especially. Its kind of like a less blunted Rustie track, which is sometimes just what some of his tracks could use.


Pre Order : Falty DL - Party

Falty is on a ridiculous run of releases this year. Having already released high points of 09, "To London EP" on Ramp and his full length "Love Is a Liability" on Planet Mu, Falty casually drops two more next level releases with the hotly tipped Bravery EP for Planet Mu and this 12" on Ramp. This guy is one prolific mother fucker and as of right now can do no wrong. "Party" runs at a brooding UK garage swing with the soulful vocals of a US garage track. Fans of shortstuff should not miss this. Purchase here.


Local Showcase: Thurs 10.15 - FLIGHT SCHOOL w/ Durkin, Evaredy & Brek.One

Lets give it up for one of our best dudes and the only kid to still use Acid 3.0, Captain Durk. This man is largely responsible for my infatuation electronic music, crate digging, and sambas. If I hadn't met the kid at Edan gig at our school almost 5 years back, who knows if I ever would have gotten into production or if this blog would even exist. Lets just say that I owe a lot to the kid and his beats are fuckin slick as hell, so expect to his name dropped quite frequently here. He will also be contributing one of the first Tropical Life mixes that you will see popping up in the very near future

Shake your ass to the finest space disco, baile funk, and funk grooves at the Milky Way in JP ever third Thursday.

Almost forgot......FREE PBR FROM 10 - 11! email durkinmusic@gmail.com with your name and the title PBR ME.

Along with GHOSTDAD and Brek.One, Durkin also spins every Sunday at Zuzu for DO IT AGAIN. Come out, its a hoot.


Darkstar - Videotape RMX. Aidys Girl's A Computer

This track is exclusive to the very solid Mary Anne Hobbs Comp - Wild Angel. Glad to see that this is finally getting a release. You can purchase it from Boomkat here.

Darkstar's - Aidys Girl's A Computer is up for contention for top 12" of the year. From what I can gather from that video below the Kyle Hall remix sounds dope as well. Do Not Miss. Speaced out beautiful two step. Purchase here.



Beyond any shadow of a doubt the sound of the worldwide underground in 09' is deep, dirty, soulful House music. This isn't just signified by the explosion of UK Funky onto the worldwide scene but instead signifies a sea change in sensibilities; people want music that not only moves the body but reaches deep into your mind and soul with psychedelic inclinations. Here's a few songs that have been massaging my brain as of late.

This is a stone cold classic from 1996. Truly transcendent dance music from Kerri Chandler, the House legend from New Jersey. This song really carries a timeless air about it, Hallelujah indeed.

One of my favorite surprises of 09' comes from Detroit native Andres. His Andres II EP clocks in at under 30 min but is full of a mix of Dilla style grooves with more dance ability and a heavier R&B-house slant. I'd have to say this is probably the most soulful music I've heard in quite awhile.

Geiom can't sit still. He's dabbled in just about every style of urban UK dance music this decade. However i'd have to say this is possibly my favorite style of his. Eyl Booty has obvious nods to UK Funky but the production values are incredible and the percussion spot on. This is one for the 2AM crowd, a mind bending experience of bass, booty shaking and serious grooves.

Cooly G sits squarely in the middle of the Dubstep/Funky crowd while not really wanting to be part of either. Her music carries a signature broken-beat feel mixed with wonderfully moody atmospherics. Weekend Fly was just released on the Hyperdub 5 comp and is perhaps the strongest track of the whole bunch. Perhaps the track here least indebted to House is only because her style is so unique. However it's power in the dance in undeniable, its true future music.

Carry on.