HUGE NEWS: DJ Rashad & DJ Roc albums for Planet MU

The day has come! We've been dreaming for years now that SOMEBODY would release DJ Rashad's "Its Not Rite" on wax. That dream will soon be fulfilled by none other than UK based Planet Mu, who are also releasing a DJ Nate Ep next week. We will finally be able to replace all those bassless imeem rips with some high quality 320s!!! Happy day!

... from a dissensus thread started in Oct. 08 to DJ Rashad, DJ Roc, DJ Nate, all having vinyl releases on Uk based MU in 2010. We are officially in the future. You think Obama is a closet juke fiend? I bet he gets down.

Well the electronic veterans have now announced full details of DJ Rashad and DJ Roc’s releases for the imprint. First off, Rashad, a veteran of the Chicago dance scene whose links to Paul Johnson and DJ Godfather go back years (you might remember that us and Night Slugs tried to book him for our Cable party this year, but immigration weren’t as keen on the idea), will release a six-track EP this October titled Itz Not Rite.

Rashad, along with his partner DJ Spinn, made his name on a series of releases for Juke Trax and Databass, many of which are available for download on Juno and Boomkat. He also represents the snappier, more club-focused side of juke, compared to DJ Nate’s pitch-bent cuts for the weirder side of the dancefloor. Itz Not Rite drops early October.

Later in October, DJ Roc will release his album for Mu, The Crack Capone. Roc has been producing juke for the best part of a decade, and formed the Bosses of the Circle crew who put on some of the city’s more successful juke parties. They were also, according to Mu, the first juke squad to put out their own mixtapes, the Juke City series.

Itz Not Rite will be released on October 4, The Crack Capone October 20.

Itz Not Rite
Tracklist (samples here):
1. Itz Not Rite
2. Teknitian
3. 10 On Da Cush
4. Who Da Coldest
5. Baby
6. Rashad

The Crack Capone


Local Love: WED 7.28 LOEFAH Presented by BASSIC & Subduction

BASSIC & SUBduction are bringing in dubstep pioneer Loefah (Swamp 81, DMZ) for a night of massive dub weights. His label Swamp81 has been destroying 2010 with essential releases from Ramadanman (Work Them) and Addison Groove (Footcrab) and a slew of highly anticipated releases planned for the coming months. DO NOT MISS THIS.

Goodlife Bar
28 Kingston street
Boston MA
$5 before 11pm

Loefah (Swamp 81, DMZ) UK
Loefah aka Pete Livingston has been creating bass heavy beats since the early 2000′s with his first major release in 2004 alongside DMZ members Digital M…ystikz. With plenty of tunes & remixes like Rufage, Candyfloss, Punisher & Disko Rekah under his belt he’s earned himself serious rude boy status letting the people know that bass is his main function. The end of 2009 marked the next major step in his career when Loefah launched Swamp 81 Recordings. It’s most recent release “Foot Crab” by Addison Groove (aka Headhunter) is only more serious proof that Loefah isn’t playing around! Always on the forefront of music’s ever evolving wave Loefah has plans to take us for a ride and introduce us into the emerging sounds of Juke. If you haven’t heard its like Bootyhouse meets garage add a little dubstep and some grit. Then shake for a minute and serve up ice cold on a big sound system. Don’t forget your safety goggles!

DJG (Surefire, Lo Dubs, Tube 10, Narco.Hz, Transistor, Noppa) San Francisco
Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dean J. Grenier aka DJG landed in the world of Dubstep in 2007 with his first 12″ “Shadow Skanking” b/w “Joyful Sound” on Narco.Hz. Immediate support on Rinse FM and in the clubs from DJ’s like N-Type propelled DJG to the forefront of American dubstep producers early in his career. DJG’s production style is richly melodic, emotive while full of groove and energy. Recognized early on for a more dubwise sound, DJG’s recent productions have revealed an evolution in his music, getting deeper into bass-heavy, tech-drenched, soulful tracks like the much-anticipated February ‚Äò09 release “Bunker” b/w “Apophenia” on Tube10 and “Avoid The Noid” b/w “Duality” on Pushing Red.

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WED: 7/21 O'Briens AS BUILT PResents: Lord Jeff, Broadcaster (RI), Guillermo Sexo, Peace & Quiet

Boston readers, I am putting this show on tomorrow night at O'Briens in Allston. You should come party with me and listen to some badass tunes. I'll have these posters available for donation. Check out tracks below son!

LORD JEFF (Ecstatic Peace) - Thurston Moore likes them so they must be good. Really though, these guys will be blowing up right about the time their new album drops. 60's Pysch X Doo Wop

BROADCASTER (RI) - Hot off the mixing board. Boozy brother of Neil Young and Built to Spill from Rhode Island.
MP3: "No Creep"

GUILLERMO SEXO - post punk influenced shoegaze mixed with melody driven 90’s college rock. They released their new album Vivid Nights in June.
STREAM: Vivid Nights
MP3: "Neon Lights"

PEACE AND QUIET - From the depths of two of my good friends Brendan and Main Fader minds, comes Peace & Quiet. Demented Les Claypool X JAMC X drone X
FRE(EP): Inauguration EP


Fresh Greens 002> ECTOCOOLER

WAMP WAMP. Its hott out.. Grab some of these

and chillll out with our good friend Johnvonb aka Ectocooler. He's got it zoned in for our second edition of our Fresh Greens mix series of local BSTN talent.

He's takes us for a ride through the dirtiest parts of Allston with some sino grime and spaced out future garage & funky tracks, while closing the mix with a track off the one of the biggest WTFF!!! YES moments of 2010. Wiley's IMMMBAKKKK 10zipfile give away (DL Below). Ecto exclusive remix of the game changing Kode 9 Sino grime '05 mini mix.


BENGA - Stop Watching
IKONIKA - Psoriasis (Edit)
SCUBA - Tense (Ramadanman Remix)
ROOF LIGHT - Harlem Power
FISCHERLE - Pneumatyk
DARK SKY - Drowned City
KODE 9 - Sinogrime Minimix '05 (ecto's miniermix '10)
AFRIKA HITECH - Too Late (Dub, Instrumental)
MERKY ACE - Actually
WILEY - Fame and Money



FRESH GREENS MIX 001> Donovan Sharp & Kid K

PS. ESSENTIAL. Might put up some highlight tracks once I fully digest this beast.

pps. More exclusive mixes in the next week. Up next. New DJ No Requests, Donovan Sharp & Kid K.



You can even add your shoulders if you want. That's the fun thing about hip-hop dancing.


Unquenchable Thirst - Ariel Pink & The Haunted Graffiti - Before Today (4AD)

Rinse and repeat this whole album immediately. I haven't been obsessed with a cohesive LP this much in a long long time. Who knew that Ariel would benefit so much from a recording budget, some studio musicians and proper equipment. I mean, obviously the kid had immense talent with rickshaw perfect pop songs in "Kate I Wait" and "Alisa", but god damn this will be in constant rotation all summer. Mr. Pink you have outdone yourself once again. Big ups to 4AD for supporting good art. I guess the only downside to this album has to be...no mouth drums?


9.5 .... IMMENSE UPS TO DECIBEL TOLLS FOR TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. Paul Pierce Truth 34 right here.

Guy is one prolific mother fucker. Check out this blissed out funky sax track he just put out with the ADDED PIZZAZ, where you might be able to teleport to a stoned out jazzy wave in the ocean, say'n.


Local Love: WED 6.16 - LINKS SOUNDCLASH @ Goodlife

Come out to the Goodlife on Wednesday for the 5th installment of Boston's DIY Links Soundclash with Lost In Bass. Homegrown productions from Boston's own talent all night long. Support. Look out for an unreleased Donovan Sharp tune on the links comp.

In other news, my debut EP titled "Astro Hippie" EP will FINALLY be out in the next few months on tape and CD-R. 1. Get Pitted!! 2. POWER HOUSE 3. Moon Rave. Labels get at me if you wanna help.


Local Love: FRI 6.4 - MARTYN @ BASSIC 3 YR

Felix Cuplianos BASSIC! Been a crazy 3 years.

Like Kode 9, Martyn has slowly dropped out of the 140 dubstep game in favor of a hybrid of funky, 130 acid tribal, and 2 step flavored progressive garage. His Fabric 50 is an essential listen for anyone that has yet to hear it. Don't pass up an opportunity to see some flawless mixing!

BASSIC Presents:
MARTYN (3024, Techtonic, Warp, Revolver)
Damien Paul
Jay K
Goodlife Bar
28 Kingston Street
Boston, Ma

It has been a long road from when we first came together to throw BASSIC in June of '07. There were times we didn't think we were going to make it and times we never thought it would end. And we're still going strong thanks to everyone who has continued to support us on this amazing journey!

Join us on our 3 year anniversary with a special guest MARTYN! This Holland born native to DC transit has been a staple in the growth of what dubstep was before it had a name. His label 3024 has been killing it with a slew of big releases and more in the works with remixes by Zombie and fresh tunes from newcomer Illum Sphere. Always pushing the boundaries with his production and blurring the lines between techno, house dubstep, and beyond we never know what he's got in his record bag for us! Its the long awaited return of one of our favorites! And if you weren't there the last time he graced us with his presence then you just don't know!

This party also marks a huge milestone for Boston! We're celebrating the releases of BASSIC's own C Dubs. His remix of An On Bast's "Upon the Dew Drops" crafted alongside La Folia Label head Inanna has been receiving love from big guys such as Axel Bartsch, Konrad Black, and Luciano! And his first release "Don't Know, which was featured on the TOGETHER festival compilation has also been making waves.

We've got Boston's Bad boys Damien Paul & Jay K rolling out the beats upstairs all night long so there's something for everyone. Don't sleep and get there early b/c we can't guarantee there's room for everybody!


Local Love: THURS 6.3. ACTRESS @ Middlesex for M.I.N

this is how I felt on Tuesday when I found out about this

ACTRESS + game 1 , Martyn back to back. start catching up on sleep now.




Tropical Life Mix 004> Slevarance

Tropical Life Mix> 004
Nottingham, UK

BRAP! For the fourth installment in the tropical life mix series we've got a BIG TIME mix from Nottingham's up and coming Slevarance. We've had this on repeat since it was sent over a few weeks back. Serious mix of funky flavors, classic instrumental grime, and some unreleased tracks from the new breed of future garagers, Hackman and Fauxhemian. Slevarances throws in 2 very promising dubs of his own tunes with "Throwing a Wibbler" and an untitled track with Hackman. Be on the lookout for those. "Strung Up VIP" still sounds as huge as ever.
  1. Fruity Loops Workshop - Urnie & Bert
  2. Slevarance - Throwing A Wibbler
  3. Blackjack - Arcade 3
  4. Rebound X - Rhythm 'n' Gash
  5. Luke Vibert - London
  6. Geeneus - You Know
  7. Fauxhemian - Levitate
  8. Hypno - Over The Top
  9. Kano - Signs In Life (Instrumental)
  10. Hodge - Apathagy
  11. Mista Men - Move Down Low
  12. Mr Keaz - Gunfight
  13. Hackman & Slevarance - Untitled
  14. Dj Narrows - Saved Soul
  15. Dj Oddz - Strung Up Vip
  16. Hackman - Fell Into Romance
  17. SpamChop - Razor Piss


ps. it shouldn't be this difficult to add text to a fuckin picture. Jobs, put that shit into iphoto. not difficult.


On Repeat: May 2010

Juke is suddenly on the tip of everyone's tongue. A genre(and culture) that seemed entirely inaccessible to most just a few months ago is now embracing the idea of spreading their sound onto a world stage, trying to actually release some songs on vinyl in the coming months and a Dj Nate compilation in the works on Planet Mu(!!!). I envy that I can't cross the waters to see Rashad play with the Night Slugs crew but still being an outside observer it's easy to feel the heady vibes from this completely fwd>>> music.

Also spreading the good word is Chicago native Dave Quam. Our resident sage on the ghettohausmuziks of the world, his blog is quite an incredible pool of words and sounds. He featured a recent interview between Quam and Juke innovator Arpebu, it is quite the read.

words here.

Just got my copy of this from Bleep a couple of days ago and have to say as much as I loved Ramadanman's EP on Hessle Audio, these two songs are absolutely mental fusions of just about everything I love about electronic music right now. Jack 'Untold' Dunning's Hemlock imprint is unbelievably a cut above even the always righteous Hessle crew.

These songs are absolute fire.

A group I don't know much about except that I'm pretty sure they're from the US somewhere. They recently released an EP for free which is four songs of well swung tropical burners for some seriously sweaty peak-time business. Their song Got U was one of the highlights of Girl Unit's epic 2010 mix.

Download their EP here.

James Blake is unstoppable. His remix of 'Stop What You're Doing' is easily one of my top 5 songs of the last ten years and his sound keeps building and transforming. This song and three others are being dropped on May 31st on R&S records and really I can't say there's anything I've been quite so hyped on in a second.


Tropical Life Mix 003> Matthew Hiscock

Tropical Life Mix> 003
Montreal, Canada
ps.CLICK HERE to DL the correctly tagged mix.

Proud to present the third installment in the tropical life mix series, by Montreal's Matthew Hiscock. This is a nice mix of progressive 2 step, future garage, and funky vibes. Hiscock's throws in some dubs of his own dubs which ride nicely between fg and euphoric funky. Check out his new bass music production blog Make Some Bass, which has already featured the likes of Bok Bok and Hovatron analyze what goes into creating one of their tracks.

1) Kyle Hall - Kaychunk [Hyperdub]
2) VVV - Project Z [Fortified]
3) VVV - Project X [Fortified]
4) Girl Unit - Temple Keys [Night Slugs]
5) Matthew Hiscock - Berry [
6) Pariah - Orpheus [R&S]
7) Roof Light - Street Level [L2S]
8) Todd Edwards - I Might Be (MJ Cole remix) [Scion Audio/Visual]
9) Hissy Fit - Late Night On Parc Avenue [
10) Akua and Matthew Hiscock - Monsters (Make Believe remix) [
11) Egyptrixx - Drive U Crazy [Aaahh! Real Monsters]
12) Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix) [Sound Pellegrino]
13) Matthew Hiscock - Oh Those Sexy Sweatpants [
14) Mutiny - Ya Self [Underwater]
15) Rusko - Woo Boost (Sbskrpt remix) [Mad Decent]
16) Joel Mull - Fantastisch [Underwater]
17) MJ Cole - Thekla Riddim [Prolific]



Mi Ami - Latin Lovers (Thrill Jockey)

Very rarely does a new band excite me as much as San Francisco’s Mi Ami. Their excellent and under-appreciated 2009 release "Watersports" never got the recognition it deserved with it being one of the final Touch and Go releases before they shut down. That didn’t stop it from being on constant rotation in my house all last summer and one of my favorite albums of the year.

Moving forward, the fine people at Thrill Jockey stepped in to release the bands new material and now we have "Steal Your Face." While I'm only starting to digest the album as a whole, SYF expands upon the noisy controlled chaos, tribal beats, and oft incredibly high pitched and sometimes unintelligible vocal screeches that made Watersports a must. There aren’t many other current bands that can mix eunuch no wave with tribal afro beat rhythms and krautrock influenced grooves so smoothly.

“Latin Lover” is a mutating 6 + minute freak out jam of epic proportions that has just about every stylistic element that makes Mi Ami.. well Mi Ami. For those unfamiliar with the band, this song is as good a start as any. Mi Ami will either be your new favorite band, or you’ll hate em. Fuck the haters!





note: kind of reminds of the early Rapture tracks that were so infectious.


Fresh Greens 01> Donovan Sharp & Kid K

First things first, hope all yall had a 420 to remember!! errr.... partially remember!!

I am currently living the REAL tropical life in Costa Rica at the moment, so with a clear mind and not much else to do besides drink beer and hang out with my family, I'll be able to catch up on everything that should have been posted last week. WORD.

..now on to some real nuggets. Let me introduce a new feature to Tropical Life, our Fresh Greens mixes/ podcasts. Fresh Greens will be posted every few weeks and will focus around our collective of friends and Boston artists. This will allow myself, Kid K, No Requests, & mates to post new mixes of our own new dubs, what we are currently grindin too, and really whatever the eff we feel like playing.

Below is the first, juke filled installment in the Fresh Greens Podcast/ Mix series by myself and Kid K that we recorded last Sunday at 2am. Once I figure out how to get these on itunes, all Fresh Greens / Tropical Life mixes will uploaded.

Fresh Greens Mix 01 - Donovan Sharp & Kid K (April 10) by TheTropicalLife


1. Pursuit Grooves - Start Something

2. Jay Revlon - Godzilla HA

3. Roulet - Kitamanda (Girl Unit Rmx)

4. Crooker’s - No Security (Zomby Remix)

5. DJ Nate - Below Zero

6. DJ Rashad - Its not Rite

7. DSharp - ASSTRO

8. DJ Nate - May Be Sum Day

9. DJ Lil Red - Bang Bang

10. DJ Pillsbury - Disco 93

11. DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost at Whea Yo dead Man

12. DJ Nate - Apocalypse

13. James Blake - CMYK

Our neighbors must be going absolutely bat shit crazy with this on repeat 24/7.


BOAT: The Nerves - When You Find Out (1978)

This has been one of favorite songs for years now and regularly gets stuck in my head for days. 1978 pop perfection from one of the power pop kings. Out of all The Nerve's musical nuggets, this might be their best. Its also up there with the best songs the Beatles never wrote.


Local Love: TODAY 4.15 ROSKA ROSKA ROSKA @ Enormous Room

This is tonight. This will be funky.

"SoulChampion.com and Subduction Productions are proud to present Roska in support of his first ever US tour. Roska has been Bubbling in the UK Funky scene for the past few years and has grown into being one of the defining artist that has been taking Funky House and making it his own. Watch out for his long awaited full length dropping on the 5th of April."

Locals G Notorious, DJ Vice-T, C Dubz, and DJ Steppo will be holding it down all night.

Here's a couple our favorites tracks off Roska's recently released album on Rinse. Can't find a longer version of Squark, so this snippet will have to do, but it doesn't do the song justice.

thanks for squeegie and scatterblog for the DLs.

Support and Purchase Roska - RINSE Presents Roska HERE


Tropical Life Mix 001> Donovan Sharp

Long overdue.. Peep my new dub Birds of Paradise.

Fever Ray - Seven (Martyn's Seventh Remix) [Rabid]
Untold - Just for You (Roska Remix) [Hot Flush]
Christian Martin - Elephant Fight (Justin Martin's Jungle Remix)
Crazy Cousinz - Inflation
Deadboy - U Cheated [Well Rounded]
Mosca - Square One (Julio Bashmore Longhorm Remix) [Night Slugs]
Pearson sound - WAD [Hessle Audio]
Emvee - Rat Race Riddim
Money Steak - Haarlem Drift [Steakhouse]
Greena- Tenzado [Apple Pips]
Doc Daneeka -Funky Bit
Scuba - Minerals [Hot Flush]
Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Remix) [Apple Pips]
Resolve - Birds of Paradise (Dub)
Cosmin TRG - Siberian Poker [Tempa]
D1 - Pitcher [Dub Police]
The XX - Islands (Untold Remix) [Young Turks]
Breakage - Vial ft Burial [Digital Soundboy]