On Repeat: B.o.B - Satellite (Hud Mo Remix)

This song has been stuck in my head for weeks now. Hud Mo pretty much can do no wrong with his remixes.

Go to the link below and download the entire ATL Remix cd put out by none other than Adult Swim, and Rockstar & Timbaland's Beaterator.... Hey if they are helping support good artists, they're fine by me.

While there are a few duds on this the Flying Lotus and Starkey tracks are tight, so check those out too.



TOGETHER: The New England Electronic Music Festival 2.8 - 2.14

So this is fucking incredible, I feel like we've all witnessed the Boston electronic music scene come of age in the last 3 - 4 years. With a growing reputation around the world of having a legitimate electronic scene, with nights and events like BASSIC, Make It New, Thunderdome, Beat Research, Basstown, etc etc, I think we've proven that a self sustaining scene can thrive in Boston. For how small this city is, I find it pretty remarkable that there are anywhere from 2 - 5 DJ nights going on every night and usually to a packed house.

In terms of "dubstep" I'd say that Boston can pretty solidly on the map by bringing the elite DJ/ producers Martyn, 2562, Clouds, Ramadanman, Falty DL, Mike Slott, Starkey, and Kode fucking 9, all in the last year. Its been a pretty ridiculous ride to say the least.

Now its time showcase what this city has to offer and celebrate how far we've come in recent years. This will be the first of a plethora of coverage for this festival. Please read the deets about what's in store for what is sure to be one of the most ridiculous weeks in my life. Be on the lookout for artists announcements.

Without further ado


Together: The New England Electronic Music Festival announces it’s first-ever annual electronic music festival, held from Monday, February 8 to Sunday, February 14 at various venues around the city of Boston. Over 100 artists will participate in nearly 40 events during the 6-day event, designed to celebrate and promote electronic music in all its facets. Complete programs and schedules will be announced January 13, 2010.

There is no doubt Boston nightlife has undergone a transformation in the past few years, as it has in much of the world. With the growing acceptance of dance music as a venerable staple of nightlife, electronic music in all its forms has seen an explosion in the underground. Along with have come visuals, collaboration and creativity galore.

Beginning with a kickoff reception on Monday Feb 8th, the festival will ramp up through the week with launch events like Hearthrob and Throwed. Together will hold daytime panels at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Schools such as New England Conservatory will show off some of their newest technology with tours. Wednesday and Thursday include award-winning nights Midweek Techno, Elements, Work! and Make It New with guests from inside the city and out. Additionally on Wednesday, Red Bull Music Academy partners with the Together team and group of party innovators from the local community for a special event at Estate.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the festival culminates in a series of even larger events at signature venues like the Middle East Club, the Paradise Rock Club and Downtown Crossing’s Good Life bar. Other weekend festivities will include a VJ symposium, a record fair and trade show, all-ages concerts, film screenings and after-hours celebrations at Rise.

Throughout the week, there will be more to enjoy as well. Activities include classes in the art of DJing and tours of famous collections of synthesizers. To ensure that the young "mixing generation" has a chance to participate, there will be all-ages shows and many different parties open to those 18 and over, including all after-hours events at Boston’s Rise nightclub.

Fire: Rustie Remix of Kelis w/ Crookers - No Security

One of the best tunes I've heard in the last few weeks, some dirtyness that really should be blasting out of car radios.

You can also check out a preview of some of Rustie's equally mind warping new tracks from his Warp debut due in 2010. "Neko" is a hudmo styled prog rock killer.




UGHH.COM is teaming up with FRANK151, and Boston's longest-running dubstep party BASSIC to celebrate the recent release of WU TANG: ENTER THE DUBSTEP, the clan's latest re-envisoned / remix album. LIsten to tracks on the album the way they were meant to be heard...ON A EAR DRUM BLOWING SOUND SYSTEM! Free giveaways by FRANK151, and plenty of bass-heavy beats by Scotch-1, Damian Silva and Codiac of YES&NO.


Lo Ciento + COCO

Yo my friends, I apologize for the lack of posts recently. To say that last month has been hectic would be an understatement. Between Thanksgiving, finishing up mother fucking college, As Built, Bach Bouree, birthday, and one Mike Slott @ Goodlife shit show, the blog kinda just had to take a back burner for a bit. BUT THE WAIT IS OVER!

The first Tropical Life mixes will be up in the next week, one from yours truly and one from a new friend Coco Bryce.

For starters give a listen to his gem off the Harmonia - International Skwee 2 Comp. We got a lot in store the coming months though so keep your eye balls on this page.