Zomby - One Foot Ahead of the Other EP - SHIPS FRIDAY

Another new Zomby track called Godzilla from the forthcoming "One Foot In Front of Another" EP on Ramp. Thanks for Smoke/Less/Fuels for the heads up. You can grab it at Boomkat

I've been in Wisconsin without internet for sometime now. Good to be back. New posts in the coming days. Now that I have confirmation (was there any doubt to begin with?) BIG UPS to Sir David Ramadanman for killing it at Bassic this past Friday.


Darkstar, Starkey, Zomby

With only a handful of releases, Darkstar haven't been the most prolific act, but everything they do put out is stands out more than more than the many other producers making similar style synth beat dub. FACT Magazine has graciously put up new track Darkstar remix of one of the best songs of In Rainbows "videotape. It will be out in the coming months on the next Mary Anne Hobbs mix on Planet Mu. You can purchase it from itunes here and directly from Planet Mu, here.

I highly recommend everyone stop what they are doing and go listen to this tune over at Fact.
Listen here. This is a tune that you can lay back, close your eyes and lets yourself get transported to a different world.

Darkstar will be making their live debut at the Social Baller Club 2nd anniversy (BIG Post coming soon on this) with Rustie, Prefuse 73 and more. Debut album is coming out sometime in the near cuture

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Starkey killed it at Camp Bisco this past weekend in Mariaville, NYC. Here are a few vids of his set taken by.. Big ups, I can see myself for a small second. More big ups to Martyn and The Biscuits for putting on other top notch sets.

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New Zomby track called Godzilla from the forthcoming "One Foot In front of another" EP. Thanks for Smoke/Less/Fuels for the heads up.



As Dubstep continues to spiral outward internationally it's sound is quickly becoming more and more fractured, splintering into what seems like dozens of 'wut u call it?' sub-genres. Summer 09' is proving to be one of the most exciting times in recent memory for new sounds and new rhythms. Much of the best tunes being wheeled right now slow things down to 130 steering ears towards Funky, Dubbage or whatever you'd like to call it; regardless it's all about the House vibes, a breath of fresh air away from the brain melting aggro dubstep that was seemingly the status quo for a good two years. Now however there is plenty of interesting music being made on the fringes of the hardcore-dubstep crowd and perhaps no label is more forward thinking at the moment than the one and only Hessle Audio.

A mere 8(and soon to be 9) releases into their existence, Hessle Audio is slowly sneaking up on Hyperdub as the go to label for tunes which push the boundaries of the whole UK Garage sound and are primed to influence a new generation of producers and DJs. Perhaps the most exciting thing about this label is the youth of its founders, Ben 'UFO' Thomson, David 'Ramadanman' Kennedy and Kevin McAuley aka Pangaea. 3 friends with great taste, great talent and limitless potential.

Back in January, Resident Advisor did a well informed piece detailing the backstory of the Hessle Audio crew(read it here) and made it apparent that the groundwork had been laid for 2009 to be a breakout year for the label. David Kennedy lays out the mission statement for the Hessle sound.

"We just want to put out stuff that you're not going to stop playing after a few months because it's been rinsed—I think that's my interpretation of what the label's about. I think there's a lot of good music out there, but not a lot of really good music, and I think that sometimes not every tune has to come out just for the sake of it."

As of late, Ben UFOs 'Ruffage Sessions' on Sub FM have been amongst some of the most exciting mixes you can find anywhere, connecting the dots between UK Funky, US House, Dubstep and a good bit of w**ky hip-hop(Get locked every Thursday from 3-5 Eastern Time Sub.FM). Ramadanman surprised a few people when he revealed himself to be the man responsible for A Pearson Sound whose track 'Wad'(forthcoming Hessle 009) is one of the most wonderfully alien sounding things around right now, a percussive beast which reminds one of a more Funky slanted take on some of Untold's more bare moments(his refix of Ramadanman's Revenue comes to mind unsurprisingly.) And speaking of Untold, Hessle released his debut 'Kingdom' last year and in 09' the absolutely essential 'I Can't Stop This Feeling/Anaconda' 12", lending no small hand in the breakout one of London's most exciting producers. All this and we haven't even gotten to Pangaea's 'Memories' yet, a gorgeous garagey track with an amazing vocal hook that just dropped on white label and is second only to Joy Orbison's 'Hyph Mngo' for anthem of 2009. Exciting times for Hessle Audio.

Here's a sick mix Pangaea did a while back

Also if you lot love these sounds as much as I do don't sleep on seeing Ramadanman on his US tour. He plays Boston next Friday July 24th at BASSIC, I for one, can't wait.

Hessle Audio
A Pearson Sound

Ramadanman US tour

Jul 17 20098:00P
Dub War @ LoveNYC, New York
Jul 18 20098:00P
Surefire SoundSF, California
Jul 24 20098:00P
BassicBoston, Massachusetts
Jul 25 20098:00P
BazzaarAtlanta, Georgia
Jul 31 20098:00P
GalleryWashington DC, Washington DC
Aug 1 20098:00P
Pure FilthLA, California
Aug 5 20098:00P
WeightAustin, Texas


Hyph Mngo

And thus...the anthem. I can't wait 'til this hits wax.


Pangaea - Memories

Another big tune from the ever consistent Pangaea. Stunning funky 2 step rhythm with a mysteriously beautiful vocal. Does it get any better than this? Club killer. 12" out July 13th on STHoldings.


Early Morning

"Music is holy to me, and the unblanched truths of the greatest music communicate to me at a level that is completely non-trivial, and the conduits of this force - well, they're not so much like shamen or monks than actual saints or incarnated deities..."

-Matthew "WOEBOT" Ingram

A couple of good pieces of writing from Martin Clark a.k.a. Blackdown. The first is the monthly grime/dubstep column on pitchfork about a Mr. Joy Orbison, whose dubstep/funky anthem 'Hyph Mngo' is destined to be one of the biggest tracks of '09. Read it here. Blackdown also has an excellent piece on his blog about the state of 'Dubstep' and how the best music is being made on the fringes of the sound. Those tunes which are pushing the boundaries towards house(Funky), hip-hop(W**ky) and synth madness(the Purple stuff) and the worst of the music is the hard-line mid-range aggro-step that goes against everything the Dubstep scene was founded upon. Give it a look here, and also check the healthy discussion on Dissensus about the same, here.


Fresh Greens

This track makes it pretty apparent that Diplomats head Killa Cam hasn't lost a step during his two year hiatus between albums. Crime Pays is Cam's 8th studio release and it dropped in May on Asylum Records. Hate My Job is the lead single off Crime Pays and is straight up one of the catchiest and dopest anthems of the year. Big ups to Skitzo for this beat and the many others he produced off of Crime Pays. THOSE KEYS!!!!! FIRE. Celebrate life motha fuckers.

The quality of the tune in the video isn't very good so go pick up the release on itunes or record shop.


purple sunshine

it's all too good.