Tropical Life Mix 004> Slevarance

Tropical Life Mix> 004
Nottingham, UK

BRAP! For the fourth installment in the tropical life mix series we've got a BIG TIME mix from Nottingham's up and coming Slevarance. We've had this on repeat since it was sent over a few weeks back. Serious mix of funky flavors, classic instrumental grime, and some unreleased tracks from the new breed of future garagers, Hackman and Fauxhemian. Slevarances throws in 2 very promising dubs of his own tunes with "Throwing a Wibbler" and an untitled track with Hackman. Be on the lookout for those. "Strung Up VIP" still sounds as huge as ever.
  1. Fruity Loops Workshop - Urnie & Bert
  2. Slevarance - Throwing A Wibbler
  3. Blackjack - Arcade 3
  4. Rebound X - Rhythm 'n' Gash
  5. Luke Vibert - London
  6. Geeneus - You Know
  7. Fauxhemian - Levitate
  8. Hypno - Over The Top
  9. Kano - Signs In Life (Instrumental)
  10. Hodge - Apathagy
  11. Mista Men - Move Down Low
  12. Mr Keaz - Gunfight
  13. Hackman & Slevarance - Untitled
  14. Dj Narrows - Saved Soul
  15. Dj Oddz - Strung Up Vip
  16. Hackman - Fell Into Romance
  17. SpamChop - Razor Piss


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On Repeat: May 2010

Juke is suddenly on the tip of everyone's tongue. A genre(and culture) that seemed entirely inaccessible to most just a few months ago is now embracing the idea of spreading their sound onto a world stage, trying to actually release some songs on vinyl in the coming months and a Dj Nate compilation in the works on Planet Mu(!!!). I envy that I can't cross the waters to see Rashad play with the Night Slugs crew but still being an outside observer it's easy to feel the heady vibes from this completely fwd>>> music.

Also spreading the good word is Chicago native Dave Quam. Our resident sage on the ghettohausmuziks of the world, his blog is quite an incredible pool of words and sounds. He featured a recent interview between Quam and Juke innovator Arpebu, it is quite the read.

words here.

Just got my copy of this from Bleep a couple of days ago and have to say as much as I loved Ramadanman's EP on Hessle Audio, these two songs are absolutely mental fusions of just about everything I love about electronic music right now. Jack 'Untold' Dunning's Hemlock imprint is unbelievably a cut above even the always righteous Hessle crew.

These songs are absolute fire.

A group I don't know much about except that I'm pretty sure they're from the US somewhere. They recently released an EP for free which is four songs of well swung tropical burners for some seriously sweaty peak-time business. Their song Got U was one of the highlights of Girl Unit's epic 2010 mix.

Download their EP here.

James Blake is unstoppable. His remix of 'Stop What You're Doing' is easily one of my top 5 songs of the last ten years and his sound keeps building and transforming. This song and three others are being dropped on May 31st on R&S records and really I can't say there's anything I've been quite so hyped on in a second.


Tropical Life Mix 003> Matthew Hiscock

Tropical Life Mix> 003
Montreal, Canada
ps.CLICK HERE to DL the correctly tagged mix.

Proud to present the third installment in the tropical life mix series, by Montreal's Matthew Hiscock. This is a nice mix of progressive 2 step, future garage, and funky vibes. Hiscock's throws in some dubs of his own dubs which ride nicely between fg and euphoric funky. Check out his new bass music production blog Make Some Bass, which has already featured the likes of Bok Bok and Hovatron analyze what goes into creating one of their tracks.

1) Kyle Hall - Kaychunk [Hyperdub]
2) VVV - Project Z [Fortified]
3) VVV - Project X [Fortified]
4) Girl Unit - Temple Keys [Night Slugs]
5) Matthew Hiscock - Berry [
6) Pariah - Orpheus [R&S]
7) Roof Light - Street Level [L2S]
8) Todd Edwards - I Might Be (MJ Cole remix) [Scion Audio/Visual]
9) Hissy Fit - Late Night On Parc Avenue [
10) Akua and Matthew Hiscock - Monsters (Make Believe remix) [
11) Egyptrixx - Drive U Crazy [Aaahh! Real Monsters]
12) Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix) [Sound Pellegrino]
13) Matthew Hiscock - Oh Those Sexy Sweatpants [
14) Mutiny - Ya Self [Underwater]
15) Rusko - Woo Boost (Sbskrpt remix) [Mad Decent]
16) Joel Mull - Fantastisch [Underwater]
17) MJ Cole - Thekla Riddim [Prolific]



Mi Ami - Latin Lovers (Thrill Jockey)

Very rarely does a new band excite me as much as San Francisco’s Mi Ami. Their excellent and under-appreciated 2009 release "Watersports" never got the recognition it deserved with it being one of the final Touch and Go releases before they shut down. That didn’t stop it from being on constant rotation in my house all last summer and one of my favorite albums of the year.

Moving forward, the fine people at Thrill Jockey stepped in to release the bands new material and now we have "Steal Your Face." While I'm only starting to digest the album as a whole, SYF expands upon the noisy controlled chaos, tribal beats, and oft incredibly high pitched and sometimes unintelligible vocal screeches that made Watersports a must. There aren’t many other current bands that can mix eunuch no wave with tribal afro beat rhythms and krautrock influenced grooves so smoothly.

“Latin Lover” is a mutating 6 + minute freak out jam of epic proportions that has just about every stylistic element that makes Mi Ami.. well Mi Ami. For those unfamiliar with the band, this song is as good a start as any. Mi Ami will either be your new favorite band, or you’ll hate em. Fuck the haters!





note: kind of reminds of the early Rapture tracks that were so infectious.


Fresh Greens 01> Donovan Sharp & Kid K

First things first, hope all yall had a 420 to remember!! errr.... partially remember!!

I am currently living the REAL tropical life in Costa Rica at the moment, so with a clear mind and not much else to do besides drink beer and hang out with my family, I'll be able to catch up on everything that should have been posted last week. WORD.

..now on to some real nuggets. Let me introduce a new feature to Tropical Life, our Fresh Greens mixes/ podcasts. Fresh Greens will be posted every few weeks and will focus around our collective of friends and Boston artists. This will allow myself, Kid K, No Requests, & mates to post new mixes of our own new dubs, what we are currently grindin too, and really whatever the eff we feel like playing.

Below is the first, juke filled installment in the Fresh Greens Podcast/ Mix series by myself and Kid K that we recorded last Sunday at 2am. Once I figure out how to get these on itunes, all Fresh Greens / Tropical Life mixes will uploaded.

Fresh Greens Mix 01 - Donovan Sharp & Kid K (April 10) by TheTropicalLife


1. Pursuit Grooves - Start Something

2. Jay Revlon - Godzilla HA

3. Roulet - Kitamanda (Girl Unit Rmx)

4. Crooker’s - No Security (Zomby Remix)

5. DJ Nate - Below Zero

6. DJ Rashad - Its not Rite

7. DSharp - ASSTRO

8. DJ Nate - May Be Sum Day

9. DJ Lil Red - Bang Bang

10. DJ Pillsbury - Disco 93

11. DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost at Whea Yo dead Man

12. DJ Nate - Apocalypse

13. James Blake - CMYK

Our neighbors must be going absolutely bat shit crazy with this on repeat 24/7.