New songs from Guillermo Sexo and Joshua Lanes!!

While there is definitely some conflicted interest here since As Built is promoting these records, the songs slay. Please download them and share with everyone. Bands have given permission to put these up so no worries!

Joshua Lanes - "The Dance Thunder" - The Dance Thunder EP

This EP is sonically very diverse and this is by far the catchiest song off it. Like superchunk, archers of loaf and guided by voices, this song is or you


Guillermo Sexo - "Magic Lanterns" - Magic Lanterns

This song has all the components of what I look for in a good rock song, interesting and varied guitar parts, tempo changes, pleasant melodies, and vocal and instrument interplay. This song will get any Debbie downer in better spirits. If this had come out between 1988- 1991, this song would be classic. Did I mention that there is only one guitarist in the band?


Guillermo Sexo - "Telegrams" - Magic Lanterns

mmm intertwined male and female vocals with a Death from Above 1979 groove. Yes please.