On Repeat: B.o.B - Satellite (Hud Mo Remix)

This song has been stuck in my head for weeks now. Hud Mo pretty much can do no wrong with his remixes.

Go to the link below and download the entire ATL Remix cd put out by none other than Adult Swim, and Rockstar & Timbaland's Beaterator.... Hey if they are helping support good artists, they're fine by me.

While there are a few duds on this the Flying Lotus and Starkey tracks are tight, so check those out too.



TOGETHER: The New England Electronic Music Festival 2.8 - 2.14

So this is fucking incredible, I feel like we've all witnessed the Boston electronic music scene come of age in the last 3 - 4 years. With a growing reputation around the world of having a legitimate electronic scene, with nights and events like BASSIC, Make It New, Thunderdome, Beat Research, Basstown, etc etc, I think we've proven that a self sustaining scene can thrive in Boston. For how small this city is, I find it pretty remarkable that there are anywhere from 2 - 5 DJ nights going on every night and usually to a packed house.

In terms of "dubstep" I'd say that Boston can pretty solidly on the map by bringing the elite DJ/ producers Martyn, 2562, Clouds, Ramadanman, Falty DL, Mike Slott, Starkey, and Kode fucking 9, all in the last year. Its been a pretty ridiculous ride to say the least.

Now its time showcase what this city has to offer and celebrate how far we've come in recent years. This will be the first of a plethora of coverage for this festival. Please read the deets about what's in store for what is sure to be one of the most ridiculous weeks in my life. Be on the lookout for artists announcements.

Without further ado


Together: The New England Electronic Music Festival announces it’s first-ever annual electronic music festival, held from Monday, February 8 to Sunday, February 14 at various venues around the city of Boston. Over 100 artists will participate in nearly 40 events during the 6-day event, designed to celebrate and promote electronic music in all its facets. Complete programs and schedules will be announced January 13, 2010.

There is no doubt Boston nightlife has undergone a transformation in the past few years, as it has in much of the world. With the growing acceptance of dance music as a venerable staple of nightlife, electronic music in all its forms has seen an explosion in the underground. Along with have come visuals, collaboration and creativity galore.

Beginning with a kickoff reception on Monday Feb 8th, the festival will ramp up through the week with launch events like Hearthrob and Throwed. Together will hold daytime panels at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Schools such as New England Conservatory will show off some of their newest technology with tours. Wednesday and Thursday include award-winning nights Midweek Techno, Elements, Work! and Make It New with guests from inside the city and out. Additionally on Wednesday, Red Bull Music Academy partners with the Together team and group of party innovators from the local community for a special event at Estate.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the festival culminates in a series of even larger events at signature venues like the Middle East Club, the Paradise Rock Club and Downtown Crossing’s Good Life bar. Other weekend festivities will include a VJ symposium, a record fair and trade show, all-ages concerts, film screenings and after-hours celebrations at Rise.

Throughout the week, there will be more to enjoy as well. Activities include classes in the art of DJing and tours of famous collections of synthesizers. To ensure that the young "mixing generation" has a chance to participate, there will be all-ages shows and many different parties open to those 18 and over, including all after-hours events at Boston’s Rise nightclub.

Fire: Rustie Remix of Kelis w/ Crookers - No Security

One of the best tunes I've heard in the last few weeks, some dirtyness that really should be blasting out of car radios.

You can also check out a preview of some of Rustie's equally mind warping new tracks from his Warp debut due in 2010. "Neko" is a hudmo styled prog rock killer.




UGHH.COM is teaming up with FRANK151, and Boston's longest-running dubstep party BASSIC to celebrate the recent release of WU TANG: ENTER THE DUBSTEP, the clan's latest re-envisoned / remix album. LIsten to tracks on the album the way they were meant to be heard...ON A EAR DRUM BLOWING SOUND SYSTEM! Free giveaways by FRANK151, and plenty of bass-heavy beats by Scotch-1, Damian Silva and Codiac of YES&NO.


Lo Ciento + COCO

Yo my friends, I apologize for the lack of posts recently. To say that last month has been hectic would be an understatement. Between Thanksgiving, finishing up mother fucking college, As Built, Bach Bouree, birthday, and one Mike Slott @ Goodlife shit show, the blog kinda just had to take a back burner for a bit. BUT THE WAIT IS OVER!

The first Tropical Life mixes will be up in the next week, one from yours truly and one from a new friend Coco Bryce.

For starters give a listen to his gem off the Harmonia - International Skwee 2 Comp. We got a lot in store the coming months though so keep your eye balls on this page.


In Rotation: Zomby - Aquarium

Right up the alley of his Digital Flora/ Digital Fauna 12" on Brainmath. Can't get enough of the sound palette he uses here.


Local Love: Wed 11/11 BASSIC vs SECRETS w/ FALTY DL

There really is no excuse for you not to be at the Goodlife tonight. Bassic brings in the prolific Falty DL to slay some ears downstairs while Secrets lays down the grooves upstairs. Can't really ask for more on a Wednesday.


On Repeat: Four Tet - Love Cry (Domino)

This popped up in online record stores a few weeks back and has been on heavy rotation here since. Four Tet has definitely gone the route of quality over quantity 09 with this 12" and his amazing 12" split with Burial. Expect big things though when he releases his follow up to 2005 everything Estatic on January 10th 2009 on Domino. One can only hope the release is full of tracks like this. Oh and Joy Orbison and Untold have done remixes of this track.


Moderat - Seamonkey (Untold remix)

If you only casually follow this blog, our love for Untold should be fairly apparent. He's by far one of the leaders in future bass right now and his unique style is unparalleled at the moment.

Solar system size releases popping up soon with his Gonna Work Out Fine EP and the Stop What You're Doing 12" with a hot James Blake remix.



Do not miss this. If you consider yourself the slightest dubstep fan you will make this a priority on your saturday night. I know we will be there and Mr Nice is sure to throw down heavy in our exposed brick bass haven.

(from the bassic crew)

BASSIC w/ Joe Nice Goodlife Bar 28 Kingston st Boston, MA 21+

Halloween Night BASSIC brings you the return of the one and only Joe Nice, dubstep Champion, musicologist, and connoisseur of cool. Its been far too long since our good friend from B foundation altimore paid us a visit so you can expect he's going to have some serious goodies in the bag, and few extra prime dubs cut for our celebration on this spooky eve. Joe has been a block in spreading the sounds of Dupstep not only stateside, but worldwide. We gladly welcome him back to Boston and so should you. If you have not made the epic hike to experience Dubwar in NYC or you missed him the last time now is your chance. The energy and aura he radiates on and off the decks is truly something one must experience to understand what he's all about.

Joe Nice (DubWar, NYC)
Prodigal Son (Foul Play, Boston)
Scotch 1 (Bassic, N2O, Boston)

LD - King of Kong

OOOOOOhh! ROOOOOAR. LD takes a similar sound palate to the one he used on his "Summertime Clothes" Animal Collective remix and gets some legit safari step right here. I know I'll be blasting this when I go to Costa Rica later this year. This is the B side of the recently released "International Roots" 12" on Dub Police. Purchase here.


Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie EP

Floating Points has had an amazing breakout year with releases on R2, Planet Mu and this, the Vacuum EP on his own Eglo imprint. This is easily his best and most cohesive releases of the year and not much can come close to eclipsing the combination of woozy 4x4 house mixed with equal parts sunshine disco and LA boogie-funk. His bass lines really shine on these 3 tracks and Vacuum Boogie is pure space disco butter. Light up a L and lay back. MUST HAVE.


Local Showcase: Young Artists At War

Hey everybody we got a huge event going down tomorrow at the Art Insitute of Boston . I have some art in the show plus I'm spinning !!! We went big on these walls . COME THRU!!!!

Neil Landstrumm -Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast (Planet Mu)

This entire album seems to have been overlooked. Well, its quite a killer, this track especially. Its kind of like a less blunted Rustie track, which is sometimes just what some of his tracks could use.


Pre Order : Falty DL - Party

Falty is on a ridiculous run of releases this year. Having already released high points of 09, "To London EP" on Ramp and his full length "Love Is a Liability" on Planet Mu, Falty casually drops two more next level releases with the hotly tipped Bravery EP for Planet Mu and this 12" on Ramp. This guy is one prolific mother fucker and as of right now can do no wrong. "Party" runs at a brooding UK garage swing with the soulful vocals of a US garage track. Fans of shortstuff should not miss this. Purchase here.


Local Showcase: Thurs 10.15 - FLIGHT SCHOOL w/ Durkin, Evaredy & Brek.One

Lets give it up for one of our best dudes and the only kid to still use Acid 3.0, Captain Durk. This man is largely responsible for my infatuation electronic music, crate digging, and sambas. If I hadn't met the kid at Edan gig at our school almost 5 years back, who knows if I ever would have gotten into production or if this blog would even exist. Lets just say that I owe a lot to the kid and his beats are fuckin slick as hell, so expect to his name dropped quite frequently here. He will also be contributing one of the first Tropical Life mixes that you will see popping up in the very near future

Shake your ass to the finest space disco, baile funk, and funk grooves at the Milky Way in JP ever third Thursday.

Almost forgot......FREE PBR FROM 10 - 11! email durkinmusic@gmail.com with your name and the title PBR ME.

Along with GHOSTDAD and Brek.One, Durkin also spins every Sunday at Zuzu for DO IT AGAIN. Come out, its a hoot.


Darkstar - Videotape RMX. Aidys Girl's A Computer

This track is exclusive to the very solid Mary Anne Hobbs Comp - Wild Angel. Glad to see that this is finally getting a release. You can purchase it from Boomkat here.

Darkstar's - Aidys Girl's A Computer is up for contention for top 12" of the year. From what I can gather from that video below the Kyle Hall remix sounds dope as well. Do Not Miss. Speaced out beautiful two step. Purchase here.



Beyond any shadow of a doubt the sound of the worldwide underground in 09' is deep, dirty, soulful House music. This isn't just signified by the explosion of UK Funky onto the worldwide scene but instead signifies a sea change in sensibilities; people want music that not only moves the body but reaches deep into your mind and soul with psychedelic inclinations. Here's a few songs that have been massaging my brain as of late.

This is a stone cold classic from 1996. Truly transcendent dance music from Kerri Chandler, the House legend from New Jersey. This song really carries a timeless air about it, Hallelujah indeed.

One of my favorite surprises of 09' comes from Detroit native Andres. His Andres II EP clocks in at under 30 min but is full of a mix of Dilla style grooves with more dance ability and a heavier R&B-house slant. I'd have to say this is probably the most soulful music I've heard in quite awhile.

Geiom can't sit still. He's dabbled in just about every style of urban UK dance music this decade. However i'd have to say this is possibly my favorite style of his. Eyl Booty has obvious nods to UK Funky but the production values are incredible and the percussion spot on. This is one for the 2AM crowd, a mind bending experience of bass, booty shaking and serious grooves.

Cooly G sits squarely in the middle of the Dubstep/Funky crowd while not really wanting to be part of either. Her music carries a signature broken-beat feel mixed with wonderfully moody atmospherics. Weekend Fly was just released on the Hyperdub 5 comp and is perhaps the strongest track of the whole bunch. Perhaps the track here least indebted to House is only because her style is so unique. However it's power in the dance in undeniable, its true future music.

Carry on.


In Town : Tuesday 9/29 Mayer Hawthorne @ Great Scott

Let me start by saying that after years of putting out solid record after solid record, I will give every Stones Throw signee at least a few chances. Now it took me a little bit longer than usual to check out Mayer Hawthorne probably due to my subconscious not thinking that the guy in the picture above this had the chops to play mid 60's - mid 70's soul and funk as well as he does. After months of putting off the inevitable, I fired up "Just Ain't Gunna Work Out." I was blown away by how accurate and authentic Hawthorne's take on 70's crisp Motown tune. Hawthorne sings in a falsetto with a strong Smokey Robinson vibe and delivers an all around solid record that stands up just as well as some of the original soul tracks that influenced him.

For me, what really sets Hawthorne apart from the rest of the "retro" revival over the last few years is his obvious knowledge of all corners of soul and funk. To cut a record this tight and on spot to a time period requires countless hours of listening and digging. You can purchase A Strange Arrangement from the Stones Throw store here.

Hawthorne will be performing directly down the street from our house at Great Scott this Tuesday, September 29th. Check out the selection of tunes below.


Fever Ray - Seventh (Martyn's Seventh Remix)

Two step done so incredibly right its hard to imagine why there are so few pairings that sound this perfect out there. While revisiting Great Lengths earlier this week, I realized how well the tunes have held up since it was released earlier this year. GREAT dub/tech/wonky fuckit albums are pretty hard to come by, but Great Lengths looks like it will take a place in 2009 as one of the better complete and flowing albums of the genre. Rinse and Repeat.

Lucky We

Here's a total stunner of a mix from the Kode 9. Only there's no dubstep, just shimmering G-funk and sunny L.A. wooze-hop with a sprinkling of just about everything else stretching from Prince to Dizzee Rascal. Essential sounds taking is into this very purple fall.

Sa-ra - Dirty Beauty
Prince - The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
Kleer - Intimate Connection
Cameo - Back & Forth
Herbie Hancock - Perfect Machine
Slava Tsukerman - Margrets Apartment
The Associates - Message Oblique Speech
Slava Tsukerman - Night Club
Gosub - Last Night at the Stardust
Slava Tsukerman - Seduction of Vincent
Simonetti/Morante/Pignatelli - Tenebre
Simonetti/Morante/Pignatelli - Slow Circus
Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian - Bamboo Houses
Dizzee Rascal - Brand New Day
Sun Ra - Rocket Number Nine


Shortstuff - Progression

Another big tune from at the moment producer Shortstuff on Formant Records. Purchase from Boomkat here.


Hello hELLO.

Sir Kid Kaleidoscope will be back with some real mind altering musics and words in a bittle.

In the meanwhile keep this tune on repeat.


Kasia - Over You (Dexplicit Remix)



Interweb Highlights - Starkey Big Up Podcast 09

Now this is the Starkey set I wanted to see at his Goodlife gig. Nice to see him slowly moving away from the "over the top aggro for the sake of being aggro" sound that plagued his set the first time I saw him. After he absolutely killed his 4:20 set at Camp Bisco (vids up shortly), it got me thinking that his Goodlife set could have been a fluke brought on by a few too many whisky sours and the few overly enthusiastic fucks telling him to play more wobble. No doubts in my mind after hearing this mix though. Big up to Big Ups for this!!...crazy amount of unheard dubs.

In the Big Up Podcast mix he walks us through various musical flavors, making it hard to categorize his sound. The only thing is certain – you haven’t heard this before and it will make you move. Watch out for the lazers and Starkbots!

01 – Spiritualized “Ladies & Gentlemen We are Floating in Space” (parlophone)
02 – Shortstuff
“Behave” (dub)
03 – Egyptrixx
“Hexagon Ya” (dub)
04 – Kaiser
“Agent 2.5″ (dub)
05 – Joker
“Taste the Rainbow” (dub)
06 – Starkey
“Beatingz” (dub)
07 – DNAE Beats
“Blood Royale” (dub)
08 – Ikonika
“Smuck” (planet mu)
09 – Monkey
“Gloomy” (dub)
10 – DZ & SamXL
“Cotton Candy” (dub)
11 – Slugabed
“Drown It” (dub)
12 – Eskmo
“I Dream I’m Flying” (ancestor)
13 – Buddy Leezle
“I Left My Heart in Philadelphia (Starkey remix)” (seclusiasis)
14 – Gemmy
“Dolla Digital” (dub)
15 – Mario ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett
“Break Up” (jive)
16 – Giorgio Moroder
“Leopard Tree Dream” (mca)
17 – Stagga
“Juju Science” (dub)
18 – Doshy
“Scatter” (dub)
19 – Starkey
“Rain City” (dub)
20 – Raffertie
“Eyes Closed” (seclusiasis)
21 – Numan
“Secrets” (dub)
22 – Starkey
“Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Remix)” (planet mu)
23 – Mark Instinct
“Invader” (dub)
24 – Starkey
“Prism” (starksound)
25 – Dev79
“From the Get (VIP)” (slit jockey)
26 – Zomby
“With Lazers” (dub)
27 – Starkey
“Dark Alley” (planet mu)
28 – Stina Nordenstam
“Until” (atlantic)

Interweb Highlights - TRG Fact Mix 75

FACT continually pushes the boundaries in the ever evolving world of electronic music and covers more music that make my ears happy than not. Earlier this week they put up FACT Mix 75 by the ever versatile, Bucharest's TRG. He's goes on a welcomed Garage/housey/UKF vibe here that definitely gets the party rolling. check it.

FACT MIX 75 - TRG (up for three weeks)

(From Fact)

Cosmin Nicolae by name, you probably know TRG best for his dubstep productions on labels like Tempa, Hotflush and Hessle (his 'Put You Down' was the label's first release, and Martyn's remix on HES004 arguably their most well-known). But judging by his FACT mix, he's currently pushing a housier sound: Karizma, Hot City, Roska and Cajmere feature alongside a host of new TRG productions, and tracks are mixed deep into each other. Plus it ends on 'Trilingual Dance Sexperience', which is such a jam it's unreal.


1. Karizma - Necessary Madness (R2)
2. Seiji - Hohoho (CDR)
3. Roska- Elevated Level (Kicks & Snares)
4. Mystery - Speechless
5. Hot City - No More (Infrasonics)
6. TRG - Now You Know (CDR)
7. TRG - Tribal Flex (CDR)
8. L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (TRG Remix)
9. Hot City - Hot City Bass (Ramp)
10. Mescal Kid - Magic (Size Digital)
11. TRG - Purple Lights (CDR)
12. Pearson Sound - Wad (Hessle Audio)
13. Saeed Younan - Kumbalha (Younan Music)
14. TRG - Discotek 79 (CDR)
15. Cajmere - Percolator (Cajual Records)
16. Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Affine)


This blog post definitely does not contain a Chris Brown song.

Just forget that this is a Chris Brown song and that this video is collage of his douchey
self, its a pretty fuckin good remix. Ups to Dexplicit for making this song listenable.


Gamma Knife Podcast

Sup ya'll this is Dj No Request comin' out of the east coast jungle,check my
podcast and blog ...got those ill beats all day . Peep the art too , if you need any work done just message me.


New Grooves Volume II: Aug 10th - 16th

Second edition of our weekly feature highlighting the grooves that are tickling our ears this week.


VA - Echo Expansion (Porter Records)
(Flying Lotus, Ras G, Gaslamp etc)

It's hard to ignore the fact that there seems to be a lot of spiritual soul searching from the more thoughtful quarters of the American instrumental hiphop scene right now, with a bright spotlight of spectral sunshine breaking the clouds and focussing on the City of Angels. Recent records from The Life Force Trio and Flying Lotus among others have really displayed a yearning for something a little deeper, even extending to the psyche obsessions of Gaslamp Killer and Alfred Darlington's many guises. Dublab and Porter Records have succinctly compiled the best of these spiritually connected producers with 'Echo Expansion', dividing a group of 13 artists into two sides, 'Future' and 'Roots'. On the 'Future' side we have 3 tracks from Alfred Darlington (aka Adventure Time, Blank Blue and Daedelus), a psyche rock gem from Gaslamp Killer & The Gonja Sufi, plus a pure bomb track from Flying Lotus, and more from Ras G, Dimlite, DNTEL and The life Force Trio. On the 'Roots' side we have Languis, Jahbitat, Kutmah, Hashim B, Take, MatthewDavid and Andrew Pekler all exploring psyched variations on an elevated theme. It's a lovingly crafted and beautifully presented package that any of the more cosmically inclined heads will lap up. Very good indeed. (Boomkat)


New Grooves Volume 1: Aug 3rd - 9th

There is no way we are able to cover EVERY release that has been pleasing our ears that week, so we decided that to do an oft updated weekly post, highlighting some of the finest cuts that need to heard . All of these come highly recommended.

I have just enough time to sneak one more tune into this week's selection, and it's a biggun. This will see wax on Danjah's "Industry Standard Vol. 4" due on Planet Mu in the middle of August and could easily be THE truest vinyl release of 2009.


Shortstuff - A Rustling (Ramp)

Shortstuff on point once again with 2 more big cuts. Both tracks "Rustling" and "Stuff" are heavy on the garage vibes and that highly syncopated left field percussion kick Brackles and Shortstuff have been deep into lately. This is the sound right here.


Throwback boogie g funk beats from Stones Throw's resident synth master Dam Funk.

I really can't think of a good analogy to how great of a pairing this video and this song are, so just watch it. This reminds me of playing Cruisin' USA at Roller Kingdom eating some rotisserie pizza. Thanks Dam. Ups to BenUFO for this.

Lastly on this Dam Funk kick, he recently did an exclusive mix for Scotland UK's, Lucky Me. As one might except from Dam, this mix is an array of early some of the most out there early to mid 80's boogie funk, cosmo synth beats and spaced out prog. He also throws in a few newer releases and an unreleased track of his own. Intro for the mix and tracklisting below.

"This year has been Dâm-Funk's year. Which is kinda ironic given the man is the anti-hipster. He loves this music. He loves its very essence. With Damon you should know you aren't getting a DJ that's just exploring genres looking for ideas. These are not samples on this tape, fresh for the plunder. Nor are you getting a connoisseurial collectors tape here. I mean, who else lists labels and the year on his tracklisting? Dam is for sharing. If this music is rare then so be it. It's only there cause in Dâm-Funk's mind this is the best party in the cosmos - and you are invited. He lives this music. The real deal. We got this in the post with a note saying '"All music was recorded via the 'original wax' recordings. No Mp3's or re-issues were used whatsoever."

louis johnson - she's bad - capitol records 12" - 1985
impulse - can you hear me (calling you) - impulse records EP - 1984
bruford - one of akind pt's 1 & 2 - polydor records lp - 1979
carole walker - rejoice - secret records lp - 1987
lamont dozier - Interlude - columbia records lp - 1981
bronner brothers - what do i have to do - neighbor records lp - 1986
maniacs - sweet ladies (instrumental version) - 25 west records 12" - 1983
gosub - mind travel method - citinite records lp - 2007
reinhard lakomy - der traum von asgard - amiga lp - 1983
mike maineri - flying colours - warner bros lp - 1981
bim marx - stronger - stillove4music records 12" - 2008
kaidi tatham - swift inspiration (quick kid) - freedom school lp - 2008
wizardz - boogie slyde (original version) - sound wave records 12" - 2009
twennynine with lenny white - movin' on - elektra records 12" - 1981
bryan loren - do you really love me" (instrumental version) - philly world records 12" - 1984
ojeda penn - happiness is having you near - ife records lp - 1980
wavelength - funk dreams - glydezone records 7" - 2009
dâm-funk - breakthru - (unreleased dubplate) 12" - 2006