Tropical Life Mix 003> Matthew Hiscock

Tropical Life Mix> 003
Montreal, Canada
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Proud to present the third installment in the tropical life mix series, by Montreal's Matthew Hiscock. This is a nice mix of progressive 2 step, future garage, and funky vibes. Hiscock's throws in some dubs of his own dubs which ride nicely between fg and euphoric funky. Check out his new bass music production blog Make Some Bass, which has already featured the likes of Bok Bok and Hovatron analyze what goes into creating one of their tracks.

1) Kyle Hall - Kaychunk [Hyperdub]
2) VVV - Project Z [Fortified]
3) VVV - Project X [Fortified]
4) Girl Unit - Temple Keys [Night Slugs]
5) Matthew Hiscock - Berry [
6) Pariah - Orpheus [R&S]
7) Roof Light - Street Level [L2S]
8) Todd Edwards - I Might Be (MJ Cole remix) [Scion Audio/Visual]
9) Hissy Fit - Late Night On Parc Avenue [
10) Akua and Matthew Hiscock - Monsters (Make Believe remix) [
11) Egyptrixx - Drive U Crazy [Aaahh! Real Monsters]
12) Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix) [Sound Pellegrino]
13) Matthew Hiscock - Oh Those Sexy Sweatpants [
14) Mutiny - Ya Self [Underwater]
15) Rusko - Woo Boost (Sbskrpt remix) [Mad Decent]
16) Joel Mull - Fantastisch [Underwater]
17) MJ Cole - Thekla Riddim [Prolific]


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