On Repeat: May 2010

Juke is suddenly on the tip of everyone's tongue. A genre(and culture) that seemed entirely inaccessible to most just a few months ago is now embracing the idea of spreading their sound onto a world stage, trying to actually release some songs on vinyl in the coming months and a Dj Nate compilation in the works on Planet Mu(!!!). I envy that I can't cross the waters to see Rashad play with the Night Slugs crew but still being an outside observer it's easy to feel the heady vibes from this completely fwd>>> music.

Also spreading the good word is Chicago native Dave Quam. Our resident sage on the ghettohausmuziks of the world, his blog is quite an incredible pool of words and sounds. He featured a recent interview between Quam and Juke innovator Arpebu, it is quite the read.

words here.

Just got my copy of this from Bleep a couple of days ago and have to say as much as I loved Ramadanman's EP on Hessle Audio, these two songs are absolutely mental fusions of just about everything I love about electronic music right now. Jack 'Untold' Dunning's Hemlock imprint is unbelievably a cut above even the always righteous Hessle crew.

These songs are absolute fire.

A group I don't know much about except that I'm pretty sure they're from the US somewhere. They recently released an EP for free which is four songs of well swung tropical burners for some seriously sweaty peak-time business. Their song Got U was one of the highlights of Girl Unit's epic 2010 mix.

Download their EP here.

James Blake is unstoppable. His remix of 'Stop What You're Doing' is easily one of my top 5 songs of the last ten years and his sound keeps building and transforming. This song and three others are being dropped on May 31st on R&S records and really I can't say there's anything I've been quite so hyped on in a second.

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That James Blake track is real nice