Tropical Life Mix 004> Slevarance

Tropical Life Mix> 004
Nottingham, UK

BRAP! For the fourth installment in the tropical life mix series we've got a BIG TIME mix from Nottingham's up and coming Slevarance. We've had this on repeat since it was sent over a few weeks back. Serious mix of funky flavors, classic instrumental grime, and some unreleased tracks from the new breed of future garagers, Hackman and Fauxhemian. Slevarances throws in 2 very promising dubs of his own tunes with "Throwing a Wibbler" and an untitled track with Hackman. Be on the lookout for those. "Strung Up VIP" still sounds as huge as ever.
  1. Fruity Loops Workshop - Urnie & Bert
  2. Slevarance - Throwing A Wibbler
  3. Blackjack - Arcade 3
  4. Rebound X - Rhythm 'n' Gash
  5. Luke Vibert - London
  6. Geeneus - You Know
  7. Fauxhemian - Levitate
  8. Hypno - Over The Top
  9. Kano - Signs In Life (Instrumental)
  10. Hodge - Apathagy
  11. Mista Men - Move Down Low
  12. Mr Keaz - Gunfight
  13. Hackman & Slevarance - Untitled
  14. Dj Narrows - Saved Soul
  15. Dj Oddz - Strung Up Vip
  16. Hackman - Fell Into Romance
  17. SpamChop - Razor Piss


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